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Become a partner

The Angelman Rally is very proud to display our partnerships. It is through this sponsorship that we are able to work on behalf of AngelmanUK, a UK based charity which supports the families of people with Angelman Syndrome, the education of this rare neurological condition, and the research of the related areas of Angelman Syndrome to the benefit of families and carers.

If you you would like to sponsor The Angelman Rally please email us using the link at the bottom of this page.


Bluetooth Intercom Systems

The Power Station

Brand advertising and content creation


Providing Cleaning products during the trip

Elmbridge Mencap

Proudly Hosting The Homecoming Fundraiser

Triumph Motorcycles

Brand Promotion


Providing Mobile Catering to The Angelman Rally Events

Continental Tyres

Providing grip all the way

NAL Properties

Property Management Providing Marketing Services