The Route

The trip is nearly upon us and we thought it might cool to share with you our route and some of the experiences we look forward to along the way. Will it be a long way to ride? Without a doubt, but we are really excited to hit the road and share with you our live social media updates.


London to Dijon

Our journey starts at Jack Lilley’s Triumph Dealership, in Ashford, and heads strait for Folkstone. An hour and a half later and we will already have our lids off for the Eurotunnel crossing to Calais.

From Calais we head south to Arras, Cambrai, and past Reims but not before picking some champagne, of course, finishing our first stage in Dijon.

Dijon to Aosta

This is where we cross the alps. From Dijon, riding through Haut-Jura national park, we will climb the mountains and skirt around Switzerland before driving through Chamonix and Mont Blanc itself.

Once on the other side, we will be in Italy and on to Aosta where we will film around the twisty mountain roads.

Aosta to Verona

Northern Italy promises lots of beautiful sights. Coming out of the mountains, we continue east to Milan, Monza, skirt the bottom of Lake Garda and on to Verona. Museo di Castelvecchio is our next stop to see the painting ‘A Boy with a Puppet. The painting has significance to the Angelman community because it helped Dr Harry Angelman to identify the condition. Originally, based on the title of the painting, Angelman Syndrome was originally called ‘Happy Puppet Syndrome’ but, shortly after changed to ‘Angelman Syndrome’.

Verona to Rome

From Verona, we will head south to Bologna, Florence and eventually to Rome itself.



Rome to Cosenza

Rome to Naples to Cosenza

Cosenza to Randazzo

Cosenza to Randazzo via, Messina

Mount Etna

Rome to aples to Cose

Randazzo to Genoa

Rome to aples to Cosenza

Cosenza to Randazzo via, Messina

Genoa to Nimes

Rome to aples to Cosenza

Nimes to Rodez

Via Millau

Rodez to Orleans

Via Brive, Limoges, Chateauroux

Orleans to London

Via Corbeil-Essonnes, Arras, Calais