How can I get involved but I dont know how

This is the most common question people ask when approaching us. Truth is, everyone has the ability to help and therefore everyone can help. You could help with fundraising or you could help with the organisation of the rally itself! We want to hear from graphic designers, photographers, social media types, mechanics, face painters, volunteers, bakers, French speakers, Italian speakers, and angel families.

Can I join the ride

In short, no. This year, we are keeping it to the three of us - Its hard enough organizing three people let alone a whole bunch more! However, If you want to organise your own ride to raise money on our behalf, please do get in touch to find out how.

Where does my donation go and how much goes to the charity

100% of your donation goes to AngelmanUK. The rally is entirely at our cost until a sponsor helps us out and offers us their services.

The trip itself

The trip will be in May 2019, leaving from Surrey and heading to France, via Dover. The first day will end in Dijon. Day two will take us over the Alps, into Italy, where we will stop again in Aosta. From there, Day three will take us past Milan and on to Verona. On day four and five we will travel through Bologna, Imola and San Marino on our way to Rome. Days 6 and seven will see us take in the west coast of Italy to Sicily.

The return route from Sicily to Rome will be the same but after Rome, we will continue to stay on the west coast to Genoa, round the coast line and into France. Riding through Monaco, Nice, St Tropez. We will then head west, coming inland before heading north. The last day will see use ride from Normandy back to Surrey where we will have our homecoming fundraiser.

Any other questions

Please feel free to drop us a line by hitting the ‘contact’ button below.