The Angelman Rally was founded in 2018 by Xavier Lomas following his son, Henri, being diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome at seven months old. Now, aged 18 months old, Henri continues to push the boundaries of his potential and is a ray of sunshine to everyone he meets. It is this indomitable spirit and infectious smile that led to The Angelman Rally being founded by the love of people in his life.

Angelman Syndrome is a neurological disorder that causes severe learning difficulties caused by irregularities in Chromosome 15. The condition was identified in 1965 by a British doctor, Harry Angelman, from whom it also gained its name. Other consistent symptoms include severe developmental delay, speech impairment, ataxia (movement or balance disorder), and seizures. - although Angelman Syndrome is also characterised by a happy demeanour and some of the most beautiful smiles you will ever see.

The rally will consist of three bikes riding from London, through France, Italy and on to Mt Etna in Sicily. We hope to raise as much awareness and money as possible - and that’s where you come in! Please donate to our chosen charity, AngelmanUK, or become a sponsor and your help will go towards supporting our ‘Angels’.

What if you cannot sponsor us but would like to help? We are a co-operative of people who are all doing just that so we would welcome and value your input! Perhaps you’re a YouTuber and want to plug us on your channel, or are you part of a motoring club and want to join us for part of the ride? Perhaps you would like to start your own fundraising event on our behalf, if so, join our team on Just Giving. Maybe you just have a great idea or just wanted to pop in and say hi! - Everyone can help - get in touch, we want to hear from you!

For more information contact us at info@theangelmanrally.org