to Etna

May 16 to June 2


Follow our journey as three riders travel to France, Italy and Sicily to raise money for AngelmanUK.

Filmed by The Power Station


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What is TAR?

The Angelman Rally (TAR) is a charity motorcycle event which was founded in 2018 by Xavier Lomas following his son, Henri, being diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome at seven months old. Henri is the inspiration behind the rally.

Three riders will journey from London, through France, Italy and on to Mt Etna in Sicily to raise as much awareness and money as possible for AngelmanUK. The trip will be filmed by The Power Station.

Read on to find out more and how you can get involved. Donate here via our Just Giving page or drop us a line via email for sponsorship enquiries.

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Meet Henri

Our little angel


"For all our Angels."

— Xavier Lomas



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The Angelman Rally is very proud to display our partnerships. It is through this sponsorship that we are able to work on behalf of AngelmanUK, a UK based charity which supports the families of people with Angelman Syndrome, the education of this rare neurological condition, and the research of the related areas of Angelman Syndrome to the benefit of families and carers.



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What if you cannot sponsor us but would like to help? We are a co-operative of people who are all doing just that so we would welcome and value your input! Perhaps you’re a YouTuber and want to plug us on your channel, or are you part of a motoring club and want to do your own run out for us, then you might like to start your own fundraising event on our behalf, Join our team on Just Giving. Maybe you just have a great idea or just wanted to pop in and say hi! - Everyone can help - get in touch, we want to hear from you!

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